Saturday, 25 October 2014

Youtube Video (Part 2 of Update)

Part 2 to my last blog post. Explaining how i use my essential oils.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

An Update On Treatments! Old & New!

Hi guys! Not really sure if anyone reads this anymore but for my own reference it's time for an update! So there have definitely been some changes over the past few months in regards to my treatments and how i've been feeling. I'm happy to say i've noticed some improvement in symptoms! The last 2 weeks of August while I was in Maine I had kind of noticed it, then it seemed i got worse for a week or so once back home, but by the end of September I seemed to be having more better days, and this month has also been sprinkled with better days here and there.

I can't tell you how encouraging this is, after being stuck at this standstill for so long, travelling to different states, trying everything under the sun and not feeling ANY different. I wish i could say that i'm feeling huge major improvements and i know for sure it's (fill in the blank) supplement that is doing it, but as you guys probably know if you're dealing with lyme, or any chronic illness, it's never black and white.

I CAN say that the one thing I HAVE done differently since mid August is I started using essential oils! If you're part of the lyme forums on facebook or even just do searched in google for lyme treatments, chances are you've come across essential oils at some point. I had several times and actually had some experience with essential oils in general because of my old etsy shop (i made naturally scented body butters, bath bombs, perfumes etc). But i never really used them medicinally, just for fun! In August after reading yet another story of a woman who recovered from late stage lyme using the oils, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a kit from doterra. I will explain more how I use them and which ones i find helpful in my youtube video (will be posted tomorrow? maybe?). But i definitely am kind of addicted and can't wait to get more to try!

Another thing that's new! I went to a new practitioner who does something called B.I.E. It's a form of accupressure and was created to deal with allergies at first. But it's really just a way to bring the body back into homeostasis. My first appointment was at the beginning of October and it went well. My practitioner explained that my "polarity" is reversed. She said this is often the case with people who have chronic illnesses, and who have tried everything and nothing seems to be working (me!). When your polarity is reversed, your body looks as good things (mainly foods)  as a a threat, and it allows bad things (viruses, bacteria, etc) to stay.  She explained that we couldn't move forward with testing all the foods/substances and doing the corrections until this was fixed. So the last 3 supplements you see on the list below are from this practitioner and are supposed to help correct this, then i'll be starting the testing/ accupressure treatments.

As far as my herbal/homeopathic protocol goes, this is what I am currently on:

Some of my current daily supplements. Note the devil stress fomula looking all inconspicuous on the end.

Tox-Ease GL (12 drop 2x daily)
Parazomin (12 drops 2x daily)
UNDA 243 (10 drops 2x daily)
Licorice Root Tincture (20 drops 2x daily - 250mg)
Chlorella (3 grams 2x daily)
Hydroxy B12 (1000mg once daily)
Folapro (half tab once daily)
Vitamin D (2000mg once daily)

Thymus/Echinacea (20 drops 2x daily)
Le Tonique (1 tbsp 2x daily)
*Stress  Fomula (1 tab 2x daily)

*This Stress formula and I are not friends. It's basically a b-complex, and for whatever reason my body hates b complex. This could very well be due to MTHFR issues (which i have) however EVERY practitioner I see tells me i test as needing some form of b-complex. SO for now i am taking half a tab for a few days then taking a week off. My symptoms just get worse and when it gets to the point where i can't eat because i'm so nauseous/weak I need to back off and do what is best for my body.

Alright I think that about sums it up for now! I will write again soon. Hopefully. Maybe. :)