Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Winter is hard and i'm so ready for spring!

Wanted to post a quick update regarding treatments, symptoms etc! Things have been kind of rocky (okay, rockier) over here the past month or so. January seemed to be a rough month for me, and February hasn't proved any different.  Nothing really unusual or different, just lots of nausea, weakness, head pressure. Actually, my head pressure in particular had been a bit better the past 6 months or so, but it seems to be worse the past few weeks.

When these things (symptoms) increase out of seemingly nowhere, i start to panic. I know i shouldn't immediately go to worst case scenerio but because of everything i've been through in the past, that tends to be where my brain goes. I'm trying to work on this though. Trying to accept symptoms as they come and allow them to leave. I have been focusing a bit more on emotional work, rather than pumping my body full of things to kill off infection. EFT, meditation, yoga, amygdala retraining. There is definitely something to it all, and it resonates with me, so it's a path i hope to continue down indefinitely.

The good news is that when i look at my symptom log, over the past year, the last 6 months is definitely better than the first 6 months. Sometimes it doesn't feel like i'm getting anywhere, but i have to believe that i am. One teeny tiny step at a time.

My actual treatment regarding supplements etc. hasn't really changed much over the past few months. Mostly because i tend to be so sensitive, most of the new supplements i try to start go horribly after a week or so and i have to get off them to stabalize enough to be able to eat/drink etc. I'm still seeing the same LLND and she is convinced bartonella is a big piece of the puzzle for me, so i need to try to get my regular GP to sign off on a blood test for that, since she can't. This should be fun because my GP i'm convinced hates me and every time i try to bring up something to try or test for she looks at me like i'm the most ridiculous human on earth.

Also, just before christmas one of my wisdom teeth started coming in and got infected, so i had to do a round of amoxicillin for that (which was rough but actually went better than i expected it to go). Now my dentist wants me to get all my wisdom teeth out, but i'm hesitant to do this because of how NOT stable i am at the moment. I haven't had issues with the teeth since the amox cleared up the infection, and was kind of hoping it would just grow in normally now without any further issues. Either way, i'm going to see a holistic dentist to get their opinion on the whole thing, and see if they believe surgery is the best option for my case.

Other than that, nothing to update really. Other than the fact that i am so incredibly done with winter and can't wait until the weather starts warming up and the snow starts melting!