Saturday, 3 September 2016

Long Time No Blog!

Wow, where has the time gone? I can't believe it's been a year and a half since i last updated this blog! I wanted to do a quick post, probably moreso for myself and my own records as i don't think too many people frequent this anymore haha.

Well, I'm glad to be able to say that things are better now than they were back in 2015! I'm so so grateful, for every level of healing that the universe brings my way, and i'm happy to be in a place where a full recovery doesn't seem downright impossible anymore.

I still do experience symptoms, mainly nausea and fatigue/weakness, as well as occassional blacking out and head pressure. Stomach pain has mostly disappeared although it does pop up once in a while for a few days-a week. In August it actually came back for 2-3 weeks which was very concerning to me, but it seemed to have settled back down.

Despite still dealing with the above, i've also gotten bits and pieces of a normal life back. I work part time for the brand i co-own with my cousin, i'm finishing up my program for school part time, i can go out to dinner with friends, go on walks, go to the movies, drive, get my own groceries, run errands. These things were downright impossible for me a couple of years ago, so it feels so, so amazing to be able to be at a place where they're a part of my reality again.

In regards to what has helped me the most over the last 18 months, i think i'd have to attribute it to 2 main things. 1) BICOM treatments- I started these in May of 2015 and since that time have had about a dozen or so treatments. I have done SO many different treatments and therapies before that i didn't have high hopes for this one. The whole placebo effect thing does NOT work on me. I have spent 2 weeks in a treatment center where so many around me were healing (Hansa) and i didn't feel a thing. I've tried dozens and dozens of supplements, tinctures, herbs, vitamins. I've done SO MUCH. Energy Treatments. Acupuncture. Reiki. Saunas. Light Therapy. Massage. Asyra. ART testing/treatment. I've tried A LOT and have been unresponsive to A LOT. The BICOM treatments are something that i can say i did truly see a change with. Which is awesome. I believe 100% in this form of treatment and i wish more people would be open minded to these kinds of things.

2) Neuroplasticity- I started really researching the brain and how we can actually change the brain, our thoughts, and how this applies to chronic illness and disease. I believe that a lot of chronic illnesses have a "limbic system impairment" component. Our brains get stuck in fight or flight from trauma (sometimes due to illness itself, sometimes due to some other factor, whether it be emotional trauma, environmental, physical etc.) When the body is constantly in this state, your reserves are so depleted that basic functions become hard for the body to peform. I've watched many talks, read many articles, and explored the 2 main "neuroplastic programs" (DNRS and Gupta) and all of this i believe has been beneficial to my recovery.

So, there's my update. Healing is a long road but i'm glad to be making progress and I am glad to be in a place now where i see a light at the end of the tunnel. I have hope, and for a long time that was something i couldn't even begin to fathom.