Monday, 17 February 2014

Treatment Update #2! (Beyond Balance Remedies, Biofilms, AN-DI Machine)

This past Monday I had my monthly appointment with my LLND.  As far as my treatment goes, she thinks everything is basically on course. I haven't seen any major improvements yet, but through muscle testing she said she is seeing a difference in my body, and actually said my body was now strong enough that we could start working on biofilms.

For those that don't know what biofilms are, they are basically a thin protective covering that the lyme bacteria creates as a form of defense. This covering protects little colonies of bacteria, so that it is harder for treatments (i.e. antibiotics, herbs, etc.) to get at the bacteria. Once whatever antibiotics you are using take care of most of the bacteria that are just floating around unprotected, you may notice some symptoms getting better, even going away. Some people may even go into what they consider "remission". But the problem with this is, once the bacteria no longer feel threatened (i.e once you stop taking antibiotics or antimicrobials) they can emerge from this biofilm and wreak havoc all over again! Bacteria can lie dormant in biofilms for months to years. So not doing something to treat them is kind of a scary thought, as I'd prefer not to be a ticking time bomb if i ever do achieve remission!

There are a few different options for biofilm treatment. One of the most popular options includes systemic enzymes. Some of the more common ones are Nattokinase, Serrapeptase and Boluoke (Lumbrokinase). These enzymes are actually able to punch little holes in the biofilms, destroying them, and removing the bacteria's defense. For my treatment of biofilm I will be using a strong formula created by Beyond Balance called MC-BFM-1. This formula combines enzymes with a plant sterol found in Guggul. Because it is a strong formula, and we don't want to completely flood my body with bacteria, I am starting with just a sprinkle of a capsule twice daily.

In a week from today I will also be starting a new treatment! It's a machine called the AN-DI Energy Corrector. My LLND has just started using this machine in her office, and it comes highly recommended and is used extensively by doctors in Germany. There are only a handful of doctors in North America that own and use these machines (Dr. Klinghardt is one of them!) and now my doctor does too! If you'd like to read more about the AN-DI and how it works, you can do so here. My LLND has only been using this machine for a little over a month so far, and has said she has already seen such amazing improvements in her patients. One of her lyme patients, who has been suffering for 20 years, was actually discharged from her practice as he is doing amazing after 8 treatments. I will be doing 2 treatments a week for 1 month. And then will break for at least a month and discuss if further treatments would be of benefit.

Other than that, my treatment will remain mostly the same, although a few things have been switched up, to keep the bugs on their toes! My updated protocol is as follows:

Chlorella (3 grams, 2x daily between meals)
Biopure CORE (1 cap daily, to be increased over time)
Metagenics Folapro (1/2 tab daily)
Hydroxy B12 (1000mcg daily)
Quercetin (500mg with breakfast)
Methionine 200 (1 cap, 2x daily)
Beyond Balance Mc-BFM-1 (start with sprinkle, increase to 1 cap 2x daily)
Beyond Balance MC-BB-2 (increase to 20 drops 2x daily)
Beyond Balance ENL-BT-1 (increase to 20 drops 2x daily)
HMF Intensive Probiotics (1 with dinner)
Digestive Enzymes (1 cap per meal)

Biopure NEXUS (3 times per week before bed)
Activated Charcoal (3 times per week before bed)
Natural Progesterone (days 14-28 of cycle)
Well Scent Watch Your Mouth (2 drops on toothbrush 2x daily)
Neti Pot with 1/2 tsp each sea salt, xylitol, baking soda (2x daily)
Biomat (at least 1 hour each day)
Dry Skin Brushing (daily)

Nutramedix Burbur (used as needed for herx reactions)
Pekana Big 3 Detox Kit (used as needed for herx reactions)


  1. If you want to have a close control of your complete protocol and check at first glance the changes over time, I recommend Excel. Names of the medicaments, quantities, and a code of colors to stand out these quantity changes or to highlight anything you want.

    It might be very useful in the long run when you're trying to analyze anything specific.

    You could say my life is in an Excel document and it would be very accurate. Love it. :P


  2. walking out in the freezing cold really helps clear mucous for me. the colder the better ... burrrrr .. it started clearing the sinuses first .. after a while it cleared from my lungs .. burrr

    1. I'm actually doing the neti pot to deal with MARCONS type stuff that i suspect i have (common in lyme patients). So i really have no idea if it's helping as i didn't have sinus symptoms to begin with. Hopefully it is though? haha

  3. Thank you for posting this. I sent you a message through YouTube as I'm trying to make a decision in the next few weeks: integrative clinic (8-12 weeks, yikes!) or the Hansa Center. I've had Lyme for 8 years and this may be a last resort for me. I'm not sure how to correspond with you, but am very interested in your Hansa experience. Did you stay for 2 weeks and why no improvement. I also will be starting a 30 day juice feast next week and video blogging my progress. If you care to contact me through my website, it's

    1. Sorry i didn't get back to you on youtube! I will go check my messages there. They kind of changed everything around and i don't get notified anymore when people message me which is super annoying haha. Good luck on your juice fast!

  4. Thanks for the info! As a fellow lymie, i know how hard it can all be..
    I would love for you to check out my new blog!

    1. Thank you! And i'll definitely check out your blog :)

  5. How are you doing now? I see this is dated 2014.

    All my best,