Thursday, 6 March 2014

Trying to pull myself out of herx hell...

Sooo i just wanted to update really quick (mostly for myself so i can keep track of this nonsense). I started on a bunch of new remedies a few weeks ago (like I mentioned in my last post). All seemed to be going well for the first few days and then i got hit with the worst herx ever. Horrible weakness, abdominal pain which had been pretty mild for the most part the last few months, and nausea so bad i was barely eating for over a week. Being that nauseous is always really scary for me because i'm so small as it is, i really can't afford to lose ANY weight.

Anyway I'm only now seeming to pull myself out of it (after stopping all my remedies and restarting on tiny itty bitty doses (i/e 1/2 a drop and 1 drop instead of 20 drops). But it was bad. Like super horrible/awful/hellish.

I did start the AN-DI treatments however (it was really a miracle i made it to my appointments because even standing/walking around the house was extremely difficult). I've had 4 treatments so far, and will be doing them twice a week all through March. Then I'll be taking a break from them (that's just how they work i guess?) for a month or so and go from there. I haven't felt any changes from them but i'm told it's not the kind of thing you feel instantly. It takes the body time to kind of harness the energy it gives and build itself back up.

So yeah. That's my quick update. I'm hoping the horrible herxing is over with and that my body will be okay with upping the doses of the new stuff eventually. For now I'm sticking with the baby doses and waiting to be sure I'm back to my baseline. Hopefully I will also start seeing some changes in the coming weeks with the AN-DI as well. I'll be sure to update about that in the coming weeks too!


  1. Sorry, I can't remember if you have a PICC line or IVAD? If so, are you doing daily hydration IVs or Vitamin C IVs or glutathione injections? Doing daily IVs is what prevents me from herxing more than a few hours. Also, Flor-Essence has been an amazing natural detox herbal tea. At first it made me feel worse, but once the toxins started flushing out, it became soothing to drink it. During my strongest babesia treatments the IVs and Flor-Essence really kept me detoxing and hydrated and strong. I hope you find some relief.

    1. No PICC, as i am not doing antibiotics. I wish i was able to do daily saline IVs! That would be great haha. I've never had vitamin C or glutathione IVs but have considered them. They are extremely expensive here in Canada though.

  2. Sorry to hear about the severe herxing. One thing that gets neglected quiet a lot when going through any kind of herxheimer reaction, is the lymphatic system. I know people tend to focus on keeping their liver functioning at it's highest level to be able to cope with all the toxins flooding into the bloodstream,but the lymphatic system is just as important. I found once i cleansed my lymphatic system. The herx reactions were much less severe.

  3. Hey, make sure you have your thyroid checked, I became mildly hypothyroid after infection and have been slowly deteriorating since then. Brain Fog (space out feeling) was my first symptom and eventually all other pop out. I have been on a samento and banderol treatment and only symptom left is brain fog, I'm taking thyroid hormones and that gave a lot of energy and fix my bloating problems,also became gluten intolerant. Anyhow, hope you get better soon!