Friday, 6 June 2014

DIY Tick Repellent

I know I haven't done a treatment update in forever (mostly because not much has changed!), but for now I wanted to share this super simple and all natural recipe for tick repellent! It's that time of year, and the BEST way to avoid dealing with the hell that is chronic lyme disease is to NOT GET BIT in the first place! There are a few options- bug sprays with Deet and/or Permethrin, essential oils, vinegar mixes etc. This recipe combines a few natural ingredients and is super simple to whip up!

You can also use other essential oils in this recipe, many do a good job at keeping bugs away. Rose Geranium is another great option for ticks! Because my dog is terrified of the spray bottle (he won't let me near him with it!) I just apply a drop of Rose Geranium oil to his back every morning.


  1. Does this work for mosquitoes too?

  2. Histamine Intolerance to foods high in histamines now found in lyme/cfs/fibro patients!! DAO enzyme in blood is of low histamine foods works best...hope this helps you get better :) is also a good site to find info. plus on numerous foods on histamines there as well x x get well x x blesses Aidan